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Presentation training from Damian Conway in London

Presentation training from Damian Conway on the 16th of April 2012 -book early for discount and a place!

February 12, 2012   2 Comments

London Perl Workshop – Learning Perl Together

Presentation from this mornings Learning Perl Together workshop is now up at A most enlightening session with some lovely people!

November 12, 2011   No Comments

Ubuntu – get your firewall shit out of the way and let me iptables-restore!

Stop trying to make my iptables rules simple! I know what I’m doing, get out of my way!

February 8, 2011   No Comments

Squeeze Centre and web caching

Logitech Squeeze Centre / Squeeze Box Centre web cache / proxy settings

December 30, 2010   1 Comment

IronMan. The project and the hack day.

IronMan was and continues to be a project to promote the Perl programming language by encouraging a community of bloggers to post on a regular basis and offering a token reward for their efforts (link needed here). Each of these blogs is then agregated to a single point for the community and the world at large to read, and of course for the assorted search engines to index.

Here are my ponderings on how this went.

July 10, 2010   No Comments

Missing IronMan posts?

We’ve seen a few reports of posts missing from the aggregator which I’ve finally had chance to look into this evening. They were not as originally assumed, down the back of my sofa, which is a rather happy coincidence I feel :)

May 22, 2010   No Comments

That’s nice, now what does it *DO*?

The number one failing I find in Open Source, Free Software and CPAN modules is that they don’t tell me what they do. Why miss something so simple and fundamental when it alienates your potential users or customers?

In my search for a CRM I’m finding this at best irritating and I’m an OSS veteran of ten years with a degree of patience and technical knowledge. How can we expect the community bubble to expand and burst if we can’t get this right?

April 29, 2010   3 Comments

IronMan – beta site launch!

IronMan beta now live and complete – please check it out and add your comments!

April 15, 2010   No Comments

IronMan – T minus 1 day!

If you’ve had your head in the sand for the last week, IronMan MkII goes live tomorrow evening!

April 14, 2010   No Comments

IronMan MkII – T minus 7 days and counting!

That’s right! T – 7 days and counting for the new IronMan!

See my original post at for the full low down.

April 7, 2010   No Comments